Sales general terms and conditions govern the purchase of foodstuffs, beverages or processed items, carried out remotely and made accessible through the Internet from the ilfioredellasalute.com. site. The current www.ilfioredellasalute.com site and any mobile The Flower of Health’s application are the property of Intybus SRLs, with registered office in Quinto di Treviso, Via Castellana Vecchia 9, tax code and p.iva 04759420260, registered in the TREVISO TV companies register as REA 375879. The website allows Users to view and select the products they wish to buy, use the home delivery service through FedEx and pay Intybus the full amount for the purchase of the chosen products. Intybus SRLs invites Users within the website to pay close attention and read these Terms and Conditions before viewing the site and prior to purchasing. Should these Terms and Conditions be not accepted, we invite the User not to use our website and our service.


These terms and conditions define and regulate the use of the Website and the Services provided to you by Intybus SRLs. Each User, whether Registered or Occasional, is subject to them, even if he does not take advantage of the available services or features. For the purposes of this contract, “terms and conditions” defines the set of general rules of use of the Website and the Services and the special conditions governing the use of the single Services. The Privacy Policy and any additional condition listed in the various sections of the website are to be considered integral and essential part of these terms and conditions. In particular: the term Web Site means not only the website accessed at www.ilfioredellasalute.com but also all internet addresses (such as URLs, domain names and pages). Company means Intybus SRLs, as identified above. Member means collectively the Occasional or registered User, and in any case anyone who uses and benefits from the Website’s services. Registered User means the User who signs up by providing personal information to obtain access to the Service, accessible only after registration to the Web Site. Occasional User means a Registered User who activates the Occasional service abiding by the conditions set out in these T & C. The carrier is the transport company (FedEx) delegated to the transportation of products from the manufacturer to the User.

3.      SERVICES

The service that Intybus offers to Registered and Occasional Users is the inspection of products purchasable through the ilfioredellasalute.com, site, select the products that They wants to order and buy, use the service of transporting the products to the delivery indicated by Them, proceed with the payment of the amount to Intybus for the purchase of products offered through the Website.

4.      PRODUCTS

Each product and each price quoted in the services constitutes a public offering with the limitations and procedures contained in the same Web site and in these terms and conditions. The product with the variable weight is proposed on the Website with Minimum measurements and weights guaranteed. All prices include VAT. The cost of delivery and service management is not included in the price of products unless specifically indicated.


The order programmed by the Occasional or Registered User will be binding for Intybus SRLs, whose only concern is to verify that the entire order process has been completed regularly and correctly, without evidence of any error messages from the Web Site. The acceptance of the order implies the immediate charge of the whole amount for the occasional and/or registered User.


Intybus will arrange transportation of the product to the address indicated by the User via the FedEx courier. The company only delivers the products purchased nationally and internationally (CEE). The products will be delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Intybus recommends that the User or an authorized person must be present in the time slot when FedEx delivers. If the product cannot be checked or controlled by the User at the time of delivery, the User may contact us for any anomaly, however, at info@ilfioredellasalute.com or via the “Contact us” by specifying the possible problem. The Company undertakes to execute the order in good faith and to comply with the utmost diligence to all the obligations set out here in the spirit of solidarity and self-organization that characterizes and should characterize all the activities and services offered and used by Users through any Web Site. The Company does not assume any responsibility for delays that have occurred during transport. Intybus will not be liable for any loss, damage, or failure to delivery caused by events and / or causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, such as but not limited to: natural disasters, adverse weather conditions (such as, for example, heavy snowfalls ), any strikes (of their own or other employees), transportation accidents, explosions or any other cause, whether similar or different, occurring outside the Company’s control and not attributable to it, even if pre-existing, which prevent or aggravate the execution of all or part of the contract. The User acknowledges and agrees that, in case of inability to deliver the products due to the absence at the time of delivery in the day and in the time agreed, of the person in charge, the products will be eliminated by the order and that  its amount will not be credited back.

7.      PRIVACY

Intybus will process the personal data of Users in accordance with the regulations on privacy, as defined in detail in the information on the processing of personal data available in the respective section.


The User may not use the website in order to damage or otherwise impair the site or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Website and related services by other Users. We recommend to the User registered on the Web site to keep private the access credentials to His account. The User will be held responsible for any use of the website made by any person accessing through his credentials for unlawful  purposes or any purpose not covered by the current regulation.